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Ephedra Opinion


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An abundance of research studies on ephedra can be found at PubMed.gov. Many of the studies report the same negative findings that you would find in studies on other stimulants such as Ritalin (warnings) and amphetamine (news article on its safety): overdose can lead to possible stroke, heart attack, raising of blood pressure, addiction, etc. If Ritalin (a stimulant stronger than ephedra and prescribed to millions of our nation's children) is considered safe, why is there so much negativity and condemnation for ephedra? 

Given that the Chinese have been using ephedra for 5,000 years, shouldn't they have experienced enough adverse events to be wary of it? If the FDA is so forceful in its opinion that ephedra is dangerous at any dose , why does it allow you to buy Big Pharma's synthetic versions of ephedra, 240mg pseudoephedrine and 25mg ephedrine without a prescription? Unless natural ephedra is more dangerous than its synthetic form, it's disingenuous to prohibit the sale of natural ephedra if the synthetic form can be sold without a prescription!

With the FDA's condemnation of ephedra, the news media has gotten everybody into a booing frenzy with a lynch mob mentality about ephedra. It's hard to disagree with such strong public opinion. But ephedra doesn't deserve the bad rap! The FDA cites evidence of a few individuals who abused this herb. Why should the evidence of a few bad apples be allowed to spoil our right to use ephedra?

Please also read ephedra.com's comments about ephedra news.

Historical - written in 2004 at about the time the FDA was to ban ephedra

Last Gasp... Death of Ephedra

While ephedra.com does not promote the use of ephedra, it does seek to preserve freedom of choice. 

Your right to choose is slipping away...

Instead of banning products, why can't the FDA mandate that unregulated products be packaged with a bright red warning label saying "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" and an insert listing the risks just like they require for prescription medicines? And as with tobacco and alcohol, make them dispensed by a clerk that makes sure you are an adult and not an idiot.  Why is ephedra being banned while more deadly substances such as tobacco and alcohol, are not? 

If you too support the right to choose, please send letters like the following to your congressional representatives.  

Contact your state Senators

Contact your state Congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives

Dear Honorable Congress(wo)man ___________,

As you know, the FDA has banned ephedra.  Only you can now abolish this ban.  Please be my representative and take into account my needs and the needs of many of your constituents that share my needs.  My needs are to continue to have America be the land of the free and that I have the freedom to purchase and use products that I believe are right for me while not hurting others.

This ban on ephedra is wrong for America.  (What will be next?)  I find it hard to understand why the FDA wants to ban ephedra with claims that it killed a small number of people (and an even much smaller number that followed directions and did not abuse it) while it doesn't seek to ban tobacco which kills nearly a million people each year and alcohol that kill hundreds of thousands each year.  I am not for banning alcohol and tobacco.  But why are they still legal while ephedra is being banned?  Instead of banning ephedra, why can't it be required that products containing it have warning labels just like those for alcohol and tobacco?

To whose advantage is this ban on ephedra?  The ones that will reap the greatest reward are the pharmaceutical companies that produce competing products.  It seems pretty obvious that along with prohibiting the importation of Canadian drugs, the ban on ephedra (with other natural remedies to follow) strongly indicates that the FDA is subservient to the ones they supposedly control.  This needs to be fixed!

While there are people that will abuse any drug, you can't protect them from themselves; They will damage themselves with something else.  And just as there are automobile accidents, there are also accidents from the use of pharmaceuticals and natural drugs.  But you wouldn't stop driving because it involves risks.  Why ban ephedra, a valuable natural product when used properly. Ephedra has been shown to markedly help people lose weight.  Don't throw out the baby with the bath water!  And don't take away my freedom of choice!


Voice your opinion and get involved!  Check out the ephedra forum on yahoo.com



Due to liability concerns, we can not provide any health or legal information regarding ephedra.  Also, we no longer have time to respond to individual emails. If you want to share your thoughts about ephedra or have ideas on how to get it legalized in the USA once again, please visit the ephedra forum on yahoolink to the ephedra forum on yahoo.

Thank you for your interest in ephedra.com .

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